Antoine Prouvost

Research Software Engineer

I am research sofware engineer in combinatorial optimization and machine learning working at Artelys, in Paris.

I graduated with Ph.D. in Machine Learning for Combinatorial Optimization from Polytechnique Montréal under supervison of Prof. Andrea Lodi at CERC DS4DM and Prof. Yoshua Bengio at Mila. I worked at the interplay of deep learning and operations research, building combinatorial optimization algorithm that leverage machine learning to adapt to different problem structure. During my Ph.D., I lead the development of Ecole, a Python and C++ library that aims to expose a number of control problems arising in combinatorial optimization solvers as Markov Decision Processes (i.e., Reinforcement Learning environments).

Before the Ph.D., I obtained an engineering degree (M.Sc.) in Data Science from École Polytechnique, France’s leading engineering school.

I am passionate about software engineering and design. From safe and performant code, to continuous testing, packaging, adn deployment. I am grateful for all the open-source tools that helped me along the way. I try to give back when I can and to advocate for open code around me.

Interests: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Discrete Optimization, Software Engineering.




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